50 mg/ml

Contains:  30 ml

For Research Purposes Only

Not For Human Consumption

NOTE:  Raloxifene cannot be made into a solution without the use of toxic solvents.  Therefore, MA Research raloxifene is made as a suspension.  All suspensions result in the active chemical settling at the  bottom of the bottle.   However, unlike most chemicals, raloxifene will begin to firm up and stick to the bottom of the bottle once it has settled.  This is unavoidable.  Therefore, it MUST be scraped and shaken prior to each use.  This is inconvenient, but necessary.  Lastly, raloxifene is always yellow in color.  So, if any company sells a product claiming to be raloxifene, but it is clear in color (or even worse, both clear and in a solution), it can NOT be raloxifene.  Due to the large number of fake raloxifene products in today’s market, I felt this needed to be made clear, so that there are no misunderstandings regarding the true characteristics of legitimate raloxifene products.

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